Welcome to Woody's KC


Welcome to Woody’s KC. We pride ourselves on being an all inclusive space.  We support our Kansas City queer community and beyond. Join us for our daily happy hour 4pm to 8pm every weekday.  Head to our events page for details of our upcoming special nights.  We look forward to seeing you!

Our events are what we are known for! We strive to create events celebrating all kinds of folx in our Kansas City LGBTQ+ community. Examples of our events range from: summer kikis,  sexy leather/underwear nights,  lesbian takeovers,  disco dance parties, and Bear happy hours.  At Woody’s KC there is something for everyone!

Head to our calendar for more details and follow on us social media.

In 2019, on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we built our PRIDE stairs to pay homage to our LGBTQ+ community.  Since then they’ve become a highlight of our space.  Check out our patio for the “picture perfect” moment!

We pride ourselves on being “ALL INCLUSIVE.” We’ve built a place that everyone in our LGBTQ+ community can enjoy and feel safe. We also believe as a space that holds space for our community that we have a responsibility to our community. Our tenets of our space include:

  • Respect the space.
  • People of all colors, shapes, and sizes are invited to join us!
  • Consent is sexy and required!
  • And pay your tab.

We love our community. That’s why we do a series of “Give Back” where we “Party with a Purpose!” For example, during our summer Retox event, we work together to give a portion of our sales of the event to donate to our local LGBTQ+  organizations. If you are a Kansas City LGBTQ+ organization that would like information on our “Give Back” opportunities, connect with us through facebook.